Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Land of Vanishing Self-Esteem (My Closet)

This is a short journey.  The fact is I’m not horribly fond of the topic.  Exercise. I do not like exercise.  I do it – sometimes – because it is worth doing.  Occasionally, my closet reflects when I haven’t done it enough.  The clothes get too tight and I search for the biggest things I have to wear; the things I’ll feel most comfortable in when I wriggle into them.  Usually, I blame the clothes for this, not the “me” (who I like a great deal) that eats more than she should because she loves food.

Editing is like exercise for me.  I don’t like it much.  When I do it, I often start out discouraged that I have to do a LOT of it.  Still, it’s necessary and I do it because it is what makes the story I am writing (and like very much) into a story the reader will like too.  A good, healthy tale. Secretly, I’m thrilled with my story as I write it, but sometimes there are things in it that aren’t so good for it, as much as I might like them. This doesn’t mean those things are bad, of themselves, they just don’t belong in *this* story at *this* time.  So I exercise my book.  It tightens up the muscles of the body of my work, making it more effective, more attractive – consequently – and more efficient. 

Have you exercised your work lately?  When you struggle with editing, what helps you?  I'd like to hear from you!

Here's a terrific blog post about Making Your Writing Work by Robin Lythgoe that has helped me with editing.  Have a read!

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  1. I like how you've compared editing to exercising. They're both great when they're going well, and horrible when they're not!

    I am struggling through the middle-ish part of editing my novel, and I think that some of the inspirational things that work for reading work for editing, too. Sometimes I just need to step away from it and do something else. Reading always recharges my creativity, and I like to dabble in Photoshop. However, if I am going to put a project aside for a while, I have to set a date of some kind, lest I never pick it up again!