Monday, September 19, 2011

Tracks for the Journey: Lyric Monday

For my journeys in writing, I listen to a lot of music. It soothes me or agitates me, lending power to my imagination for the scenes on which I work.  Below is a lyric poem attributed to Mary, Queen of Scots. It was set to music by James Mulholland. It is, I think, hauntingly beautiful when sung. My daughter and her Middle School Chorus performed it a couple years ago. It was the first time I had ever heard it. Those pure, young voices have lingered with me. I will have to find a way to share it with you so you may hear it too. It is available on YouTube, but it is not quite the same. 

"When I no more behold thee, think on me.
By all thine eyes have told me, think on me.
When hearts are lightest,
when eyes are brightest,
when griefs are slightest,
Think on me.

In all thine hours of gladness, think on me.
If e’er I soothed thy sadness, think on me.
When foes are by thee,
when woes are nigh thee,
when friends all fly thee,
Think on me.

When thou hast none to cheer thee, think on me.
When no fond heart is near thee, think on me.
When lonely sighing o’er pleasure flying,
When hope is dying,
Think on me."

So, what music or poetry sets you in your mood? Where do you go for solace or inspiration? I would love to hear your ideas.

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