Friday, May 2, 2014

New First Friday Feature

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We've all been very busy this month. Patricia is editing, Robin is moving and at my house, the end of the semester approaches. My three children are all in college heading into finals week. In addition to listening to speeches, assisting with projects and generally being mom, I am busily pounding out my current first draft of the first book in the Sons of the Dead series. 

This means that on this fine First Friday my fellow Quills and I aren't presenting a topic. Instead, we're taking this opportunity to introduce a new, once a quarter spot on Social Media. We'll be talking about things like how to connect with readers, how to world-build and share samples through the various available apps for the computer, tablet and phone. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wattpad and Pinterest will be just a few of the ones we're going to toss around. 

I hope you'll join us next month! 

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Author of the short story Sanguis Dei and the poetry collection: Light and Dark  

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