Sunday, February 8, 2015

Questions from the Author, 2

Last week I asked a question. A two part question, in fact and I got some good answers. (You can read them here.) I've very much enjoyed your participation in that part of the question! Thank you again!

The first part went as follows:

If someone powerful told you they wanted an intimate (as in very personal, not sexual) relationship with you, and you knew conflicting things about said someone, but held the general opinion (from what you knew) that they were good, would you be interested in such a relationship?

Now for the second part of the question.

What if it were revealed to you, after say a week of pondering the question (;D) and without room for doubt, that this person who desired an intimate relationship with you, was God. (When I say "God" I do mean the God of the Judeo-Christian theology.) Would you desire that relationship? 

I have more questions, but I'll stop there for now. I am interested in personal, individual answers here, not generalizations. Feel free to answer both questions if this is the first time you've seen them. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks very much!

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