Friday, August 12, 2011

Oops, Maintenance

Sometimes, things break down and have to be repaired. Other times, it is clear that maintenance is needed to prevent having things break down and having huge bills for repair.  This week, we are painting in my daughter's room. It required a lot of prep work and the paint colors she chose are bright fall colors. It will be a very festive room when done.

My husband did the drywall repair. There was a BIG hole in the ceiling covered by pegboard, of all things, where someone must have stepped through from the attic. Hubby is not a professional, but the work is passable (especially since my daughter may decide in a few years to change it all up again).

I suggested we paint a primer coat first to even out the unpainted spots and the places where shelves and the closet were removed. We had to put up new drywall in some places had to go up. Then the messy job of mud and sanding followed. These left off color, unpainted areas. I call these the "ugly." Hubby said the paint we bought suggested coverage in one coat. I knew the paint lied when he and the daughter brought it home; still, I let it go because the others were so eager to get the job done.

After the first coat on the ceiling, it was clear that the paint was very thick but not covering well. A second coat and even a third (in some areas) was necessary to hide the "ugly" darker spots and the pencil marks. The ugly on the walls has not gone away with a first coat, either! The first coat of paint on the walls nearly emptied the can. I was disappointed, but undaunted even as we drew near to the end of that first wall coat. I told everyone that we would make it work.

Then, I discovered the slash. There is a six inch, horizontal slash in the wall right next to two spots the hubby had already done drywall and mud. It looks like someone took a running circular saw and just pressed it up against the wall for a split-second. Excuse me? Where did this come from?? The hubster swears it wasn't there when he was doing the drywall mud or he would have done it too. Now, I am feeling a bit daunted. I finished the painting of that first coat anyway. I might be able to fill the slash with carefully placed mud once the paint is dry and then paint over that. I hope. I think we'll need another can of paint.

I will let you know how it goes.

I realized, while waiting for the paint to dry that this is a problem I find in writing as well. I think something is going to work fine and then I discover that I have made some major mistakes, left gaping plot holes and there is no amount of paint that will cover it up. The best solution for me then is to rewrite that section. Go back to the studs, you know? Build from the bones up. Painful - sometimes. Messy... oh boy. Worth it? Definitely.

While editing over the last two days on my Work In Progress (or WIP - I won't tell you how long it took me to get that. Shhhh.) I've noticed some plot holes for which I may need to go back to the "studs." I hope not. I hope a little Spackle, a little mud and a little sanding will do the trick.

Then again, I do love writing. If I have to go back to the "studs," that will mean a book more thoroughly thought out, more exactingly executed. Painful, yeah, but certainly worth it for me and the reader who puts faith in me as a writer.

I think it's time for that second coat.

What are you doing this weekend? Working, having fun or both? I do not believe they are mutually exclusive! Let me know about your rewrites, your slashes and your successes and have a great weekend!

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