Friday, August 19, 2011

Very GOOD Things!

BARNES & NOBLE | In the Mirror by Robin Lythgoe | NOOK Book (eBook)

How exciting is this?? I have to say, for my friend Robin Lythgoe, that I am extremely excited! Jumping up and down excited. If you haven't read this yet, go, download it now. It is a clever short story and highly enjoyable. Go!

Also, today in the mail, I received Jody Hedlund's book: The Doctor's Lady. I am already 60 pages in! I will let you all know what I think when I'm through, but I am loving the characters so far (even loving to hate some of them!). Look for an interview with Jody upcoming in September, right here in Directions for the Journey. I will have more on that in future posts.

Don't let anyone tell you there aren't good books and talented writers out there. There certainly are and more all the time. What a fantastic time to be both writer and reader. I would love to hear about some authors and titles you've come across lately. What new stories have inspired you? Who makes you think? Share what you know!

May God bless you on your journey today with traveling mercies.


  1. It's very exciting! I hope they pick up yours as well! :)

  2. Thank you! That would be sweet, indeed.

  3. What a fun thing to discover while I'm catching up! I'm very excited, too. Snoopy dances going on over here. Thanks so much for taking the time to mention my story in your blog. And I can't wait to see the interview with Jody. She is such a cool gal. :)

  4. This is such a great time to be an indie writer and I am blessed to be exploring this frontier with you, Robin.

    Regarding Jodi, I totally agree; in getting to know her, I am finding she is a terrific person. I read 60 pages of "The Doctor's Lady" the day I received it, and the rest on Sunday! Sweet story, based on the lives of real people in an(other) exciting time in the history of exploration.

    So what about the authors and stories you've read lately? Anyone special inspiring you?

  5. Besides you? :) Hmmm... Stephen Lawhead and his book, "Hood." Two movies I've seen recently: Limitless and Sucker Punch. And Lindsay Buroker's blog @

    How about you?