Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Road Trip

Have you ever shouted, or heard someone else shout, "Road Trip!!"? I have. I love those words. They are the battle cry to adventure and I love to leap on that warhorse and surge into the fray. Of course, the modern warhorse is a 7 passenger SUV, but so what? I love it and I want to GO-GO-GO!

In this new year, I want to go places and do things, I want to love more and write more. I've been busy, busy, busy BEING over the last month. Being with my family and enjoying that time. My son and husband are off from college until the 23rd. My daughter is back to school but it doesn't really feel like it yet because "the boys" are home. My brother has a job and this is VERY exciting! He hasn't worked in over a year but I believe that God has provided and my bro just needs to follow through.

I spent a week, maybe more, being down - a lot of illness for me this holiday season and a lot of neck pain sucked my spirit into some dark places. Spending some time in prayer and having pain medication helped a lot. I do feel refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. I'm still excited by the possibilities.

In the first weeks of 2012, I rediscovered an old friend (Tosca Lee) and read one of her books (written with Ted Dekker). It is called Forbidden. It's an excellent read and you can find it HERE.  I must wait until I can afford to read some of the others - I got Forbidden for a low introductory price when I got my Nook for Christmas. Two gifts in one!

Speaking of the Nook... I LOVE it. I would have probably loved a Kindle as much, but the very idea of turning it on and getting a book more easily than I might walk to the library - or even to my own, at home library - is fantastic. I love books, I want to hold books and read them, feel the paper in my hands, yes, all of that. But I love the Nook too and my darling husband for his sweet generosity in surprising me with it.

And I can't play games on my copy of The Robe or my collection of Tolkien. It just doesn't work...

Maybe this road trip is more of a Sunday Drive (hm, something for the future!), but it is an idea with a destination in mind. I want to take hold of 2012 in both hands. I want to make it a year I do the best I can do for God, for my family, for my writing. I have my BPA free water bottle, my bag of nuts, a wallet full of hope and a revved engine. I'm ready to go.

Who's with me? Robin?

Road Trip!

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